Monday, 31 March 2014

Back to trapping

It didn't seem worth putting the trap out much of the last fortnight, and I was away over the last weekend, but we did put it out last night and had a reasonable catch: 28 individuals of ten species, several of them new for the year. They included a couple of very impressive Early Thorns and what I'm pretty confident were a Double-striped Pug and a Brindled Beauty. There were at least three Clouded Drabs, too, and I suspect the individual I've posted below is just another one, but as it looked slightly different, I thought I'd put it up in case it's considered a possible Lead-coloured... Steve and Xander Goddard

Early Thorn, 30/3/14

Brindled Beauty, 30/3/14

Double-striped Pug, 30/3/14

Drab sp., 30/3/14

Drab sp., 30/3/14

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