Sunday, 16 March 2014

Growing numbers; and a couple of unknowns

We had one species - Common Quaker - break in to double figures last night (eleven of them), and a couple of new species for the year (Early Grey and Diurnea fagella). However, we also had a couple of individuals I'm not at all sure about, although I have a nasty feeling they'll turn out to be pretty obvious - can anybody help us with them? The first, judging by size, is probably a macro - though I'm not even sure of that - and the second clearly a micro, I think some sort of crambid; all suggestions for species gratefully received (I do have a few other photos of them, but I don't think they'd help much). Steve and Xander Goddard.

Unknown, 15/3/14
Unknown micro, 15/3/14


  1. The first one is as you suggest a macro: Oak Nycteoline. But the only thing I can suggest for the other two is ... Oak Nycteoline! It is an extraordinarily variable moth, and there are forms that have the brown streaks that yours is showing, but I must admit the way it is holding its wings looks a bit odd, and was it really much smaller than the first one? If so then maybe I'm overlooking some other possibility?


    1. Martin, the other is Acleris hastiana


    2. Thanks for the correction Mike, I had a feeling I was barking up the wrong tree on that one!

  2. Many thanks, both: those both look right, and I'm quite relieved they're at least rather variable species, so not as obvious as they might have been. The Oak Nycteoline is especially welcome as it's our 400th species in the garden! -- I think it may be some time until we reach 500.


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