Thursday, 20 March 2014

Melanic Brindled Pug?

The trap in my Cookham garden last night yielded 10 Common Quaker, 7 Hebrew Character, 6 Early Grey, 5 Clouded Drab and singles of Small Quaker, Diurnea fagella and a pug. While it looks nothing like Adam's picture in the earlier post, I think it is a Brindled Pug but the dark form. But a second opinion would be very welcome. Here is a photo -

Steve Trigg


  1. Possibly. Probably even, but Pugs are difficult enough to separate in their normal forms, let alone when they're melanic! For it to stand as a record it would really need dissection.

    1. Thanks Dave. Thank goodness not all moths are as difficult as the Pugs!


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