Sunday, 16 March 2014

Micros ID

Ive had 2 micros in the last few nights, i think I'm right with the first one being Ypsolopha mucronella but please confirm, 2 photos added.

The other one is possibly Agonopterix heracliana but again confirmation is sought
These were caught in my 20W actinic trap in Milton Keynes, Bucks

Darren Seaman


  1. Hi Darren, yes to Ypsolopha mucronella (nice one!). The other is, as you say, almost certainly Agonopterix heracliana but see my comments against Steve Goddard's post on 10th March.

  2. Thanks Dave, I've only just started trying to ID micros this year so I'm glad I've got a couple right. It did take an hour going through UKMoths page by page though.


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