Tuesday, 11 March 2014

More moths from Finemere on Sunday evening

I spent two hours in Finemere woods, Bucks on Sunday 9th March, and got a reasonable haul with my 15 watt actinic trap which comprised:- Yellow-horned (6); Red chestnut (2); Satellite moth (1); Early grey (1); Small quaker (18); Common quaker (6); Clouded drab (4); Hebrew character (1); Oak beauty (1); Small brindled beauty (10); Pale brindled beauty (1); Spring usher (1); Shoulder-stripe (1); March moth (3); Engrailed moth (12); Tortricodes alternella (25+); and Diurnea fagella (2) - a total of approx. 95 moths in two hours in the woods, which contrasted sharply with the 1 Common quaker in my Aylesbury garden m.v. trap that was on all night! Proving woodland beats the town any time for moths!
Dave Maunder


  1. Do you mean Yellow Horned and Shoulder Stripe?! :)) You'll be encouraging the younger generation into bad habits with those hyphens!

  2. This is the main drawback with not having Wendy to vet everything and correct our little mistakes, as she used to do on the web-site. We all need to take a little more care with our spelling (me included!!).

  3. Guilty also - seems I've imprinted it on my mind that it was actually Yellow-horned. Duly noted :)


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