Friday, 21 March 2014

Tawny Pinion

Tawny Pinion at MV light in garden last night. First garden record and actually first ever record for me as this has been very much a bogey species. In fact I was ambling round my trap last night in the sodden grass at about 11pm trying to pick up the wind scattered Hebrew Characters and Common Quakers and grumbling to myself about how I was never going to see a Tawny Pinion. Having checked the contents of the trap that point seemed once again proven, but as I started grumpily heading back to the house I noticed a pinion-like moth clinging to some grass. I was pessimistic that it was going to be a Pale Pinion, but finally a Tawny. Seems like these two species are having a good season so far. Happy trapping. Marc Botham, Benson


  1. Well impressed, Mark - never seen this one myself, and not had Pale pinion for a few years now!

  2. I've never had one either, here in Milton Keynes or in Northampton where I trap 4 nights a week. Only had Pale Pinion on one occasion with two on the same night, that was in Northampton


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