Thursday, 31 March 2016

Amphisbatis incongruella

I find it very satisfying to target a species and get it, which is what happened this morning at Stoke Common, near Fulmer in Bucks. Various books and websites state Amphisbatis incongruella flies in the morning in sunshine and is often associated with the various heathers, which is why I went to Stoke Common. I knew it was small, but it is a really tiny, dark unmarked brown and, in approaching two hours of searching, I only saw three definite flights. These were of about two or three feet, low down, from one heather to another. This is an obscure little moth! I originally caught it by sweeping the heather, but it was well over an hour before even that worked. The sun was in and out, so that might have influenced things, but I only encountered it between about 11.30 and 12.00-ish, so there is a good chance it hides deep in the heather for the rest of the time.
Good luck if you go looking for this one!
Andy King.


  1. Satisfying indeed - well done, Andy! Looks as though it could even be a first for Bucks, but no doubt Martin will confirm.

  2. Yes, a new Bucks record.
    Well done Andy!


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