Thursday, 24 March 2016

Small numbers of moths in Longwick

My garden tends to not do too well early in the season - perhaps because the vegetation is restricted to hedgerows and shade trees predominantly with little of what could be called woodland.

Three moths last night - of three species. Common Quaker and Hebrew Character were at least joined by a Dotted Chestnut which gave a little more interest to the catch!

Andrew Kershaw


  1. In some ways it is reassuring to hear of similar catches from what sound like similar gardens to mine, especially as this is my first year of trapping early in the year. A Dotted Border two nights ago brought my species total for the year to 10. Most catches recently have been Common Quakers and Hebrew Characters.

  2. It is certainly the case that woodland beats garden at this time of year but things are starting to improve. It has taken a great deal of effort but the garden list here at Westcott has now struggled up to 26 adult species (19 macros, 7 micros) with the arrival of Red Chestnut and Lead-coloured Drab before midnight in last night's rain. Tonight promises to be good before the weather deteriorates again.

  3. Excactly the same here in my Aylesbury suburban garden, which is not far from fields and farmland. Only got up to twelve species so far, and mainly Common quakers, Hebrew characters and Clouded drabs. Dotted chestnut is a nice catch though, Andrew!


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