Tuesday, 1 March 2016

An early Phoenix

For those with an interest in that angle of moth identification, the recent demise of the Moth Dissection website came as quite a shock, although we were allowed to download the final version of it to carry on using. Behind the scenes a new phoenix has risen from the ashes and with a lot of frantic work from a small group of us, and expertise from Jim Wheeler in website building, it was launched today. You can take a peek here: www.mothdissection.co.uk
Peter Hall


  1. Excellent - good to see its return. Impressive redesign from Jim Wheeler! I see the site is dedicated to F.N.Pierce ... was Mr Metcalfe just a sleeping partner, then?

  2. Wow - that is an amazing transformation. The layout and design make it really user friendly. Time to get the microscope out again.

  3. I thought he ran a hardware store in Chesham.

  4. The site is still being slowly upgraded. I have the onerous task of re-importing all of my images as the old website had them reduced to around 45kb in size and this affects the quality and size if some of the pop-up options are used. We can now go up to 2Mb in size, but I've found around 250kb is more than enough. But I have to say the "Administrators" of which I am privileged to be one, have spent quite some hours recently getting it ready and sorting out hopefully all of the bugs.


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