Friday, 27 January 2017

Radio 4 Extra - Requiem for a Moth

Here's something well worth listening to!  Narrated by our very own Martin Wainwright.

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  1. Hi Dave - thanks very much for spotting this. It was a very enjoyable experience although contributed in a small way to my stubborn ignorance on IDs. When we talked to the excellent British Wildlife Publishing people, I got a copy of then then newly-updated WT&R. But shortly afterwards, Harrison Birtwhistle the composer was so clearly still passionate about moths that I gave it to him and haven't replaced it. The programme's producer Iain Chambers is an absolute sound whizz.

    I am only slowly coming back to moth life on account of the weather. I put the trap out last night for the first time in ages but it was empty this morning. It had seemed mild but turned quite chilly.

    Happy mothing in 2017 and I'll be posting soon, I hope.

    All warm wishes



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