Thursday, 23 January 2020

March already?

The trap in the burial park this morning brought us the first March Moth of the year.

My only other January record was one at home on 28th Jan 2015, but I'd be interested to know how early they've been seen in the county?

Dave Morris
Seer Green


  1. Hello Dave,

    There were seven January records of March Moth in Bucks between 1971 and 2013, all of them in the final ten days of the month apart from one on 6th January 1981 (Martin Albertini in Burnham). There were then five records in January 2016 of which four were all on the 24th (five moths in all from three different sites) and one more on the 30th. That's out of circa 1,700 records. So it is unusual for the moth to appear in January but not unprecedented.


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