Friday, 15 November 2019

Preparing 2019 records - troublesome IDs

I am compiling a spreadsheet of my 2019 records and still have a few moths which I have not been able to ID with certainty. The first (1 Aug 19) could be Epagoge grotiana. The second (15 Aug 19) looks like an Apotomis sp. or Hedya sp. The third (31 July 19) is probably a spruce carpet or a grey pine carpet, but I can't decide which. Can anyone help please? Many thanks.

John Clough, Marlow


  1. Hello John,

    Your first is Ptycholomoides aeriferana (incorrectly spelt as P.aeriferanus in the micro field guide). The second needs more of a side view to be sure but in mid-August it is most likely to be an Apotomis and from what I can see should be Apotomis turbidana. The Carpet really needs an expert opinion. I would have suggested Spruce but I'm not at all confident with that ID and such a dark specimen may not be do-able even though that's a nice clear picture.

  2. Thanks Dave for your useful comments. I appreciate them.


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