Saturday, 23 November 2019

The Plumed One

Following my failed attempt to find it in two woods near Marlow on 11th November, I tried again for a Bucks record of the nationally scarce Plumed Prominent at a private site near Ibstone on Saturday 16th.  That was a particularly chilly night although ten other species ventured into the traps so I'm sure Plumed Prominent would have been flying as well if it had emerged there.  However, once again there was no sign of it.  Last night (Friday 22nd) I had a final attempt for the moth back near Marlow and thankfully this time I met with success.  25 males between two sites equals my highest ever count for one night, the first one appearing at 5.25pm and almost all of the remainder turning up within the hour, so I was packed up and on my way home by 7pm.  Plumed Prominent certainly seems to be very late appearing in Bucks this year.  As can often be the case when looking for it, there was very little activity from anything else and the only other moths seen were December Moth, Winter Moth, Feathered Thorn & Satellite.

Plumed Prominent, 22nd November

Plumed Prominent, 22nd November

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks   

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