Saturday, 4 October 2014

Another leaf-mine

I found this mine in hazel at Little Marlow GP, S. Bucks.  The best fit I can see for it is Stigmella floslactella.  Can someone please confirm or advise otherwise.  Thanks, Adam Bassett


  1. Hi Adam, there are only two corridor mines to choose from on hazel (Stigmella floslactella and Stigmella microtheriella). They can sometimes look rather similar but I think you are correct with floslactella in this case. S.microtheriella is normally a very narrow corridor and follows the leaf venation for quite some distance, but your mines look too wide for it (this would have been more clearly visible in an active mine). The frass seems to fill the early part of the mine and that is another good indicator for floslactella.


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