Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Diurnea lipsiella

Like its springtime relative Diurnea fagella, only the males of this species are capable of flight, the females having much-reduced wings.  However, unlike fagellaDiurnea lipsiella isn't really a moth of gardens.  Here in Bucks there are less than 20 records, almost all of them from mature oak woodland, although it is probably under-recorded because of its late flight period.  I had two to light in Shabbington Wood (Bernwood Forest) on 20th October and six more in Finemere Wood last night.  Dave Wilton

Diurnea lipsiella, Finemere Wood 27th October


  1. It's on my garden list, though I am surrounded by mature woodland.

    1. Nice one, Adam - it would appear that yours is the one and only garden record of lipsiella for Bucks!


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