Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I can't compete with Eastern Bordered Straw, But I have scored a hat-trick of sorts:
Last week Ched George and I found the leaf-mine of Tischeria dodonaea in Ruislip Nature Reserve; that's Middlesex, VC21. Two days ago I found several on Chorleywood Common; that's Herts, VC 20. Today I found it in Northmoor Hill Wood; that's Buckinghamshire, VC 24.
It is not a well-recorded moth in this area despite living on Oak.
It looks like this:

At this time of the year there are thousands of gingery-brown blobs on Oak leaves, but, when you hold them up to the light, they have to have the crescent shaped blob (the caterpillar) and more or less concentric brown circles within (= silk lining spun by the larva) in order to count.
Andy King. 


  1. Are you intending to breed it through Andy? The Dissection site needs an image.

  2. Yes, several bagged up and highly dependent on me and my questionable husbandry-skills. Fingers crossed.


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