Thursday, 16 October 2014

Mursley moths

Despite the very heavy rain overnight I had a few nice moths in the trap this morning. None of the usual suspects, apart from just one Beaded Chestnut. I was thrilled with two Feathered Thorns with very different markings (this was the most strongly marked) and a really beautiful Green-brindled Crescent.

I'm taking this one to be November Moth, but can I be sure from just these wing markings?
Many thanks
Mick Jones

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  1. Hi Mick, November moths are one of 3 species and cannot be reliably separated by wing pattern. Females can't be done, but males can be identified by looking at a combination of their bits and the octavals, which protrude from the abdomen tip. Most that come to light are males luckily. If you want them identified, I suggest you pop them in the freezer and contact me for posting off. Mike Killeby used to call them Novemnals, which I think it a good amalgamation of November (plus Pale November) and Autumnal moth.


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