Monday, 20 October 2014

Westcott, Bucks

On the night of the 18th the garden actinic trap here at Westcott brought in 41 moths of 18 species, of which Choreutis pariana and Sprawler were new for the year.  Choreutis pariana is normally seen here as a daytime-flyer and I've only had it once before to light.  Other species included singletons of Blood-vein and Willow Beauty.  Last night's result was quite similar, 45 moths of 17 species, but the only things of interest were a late male Vapourer and my first garden Satellite of the autumn.

A single MV light run in nearby Finemere Wood last night did reasonably well for the time of year, bringing in 119 moths:  Blastobasis lacticolella (1), Acleris rhombana (8), Acleris cristana (1), Acleris literana (1), Acleris emargana (6), Gypsonoma dealbana (1, probably, although it was rather washed out and will need dissection to be sure), November Moth sp (31), Feathered Thorn (8), Figure of Eight (20), Yellow-tail (1), Sprawler (7), Green-brindled Crescent (15), Merveille du Jour (1), Chestnut (4), Brick (1), Red-line Quaker (2), Yellow-line Quaker (4), Beaded Chestnut (1), Barred Sallow (2), Sallow (3) & Straw Dot (1).  Dave Wilton

Vapourer, Westcott 19th October

Acleris cristana, Finemere Wood 19th October

Acleris literana. Finemere Wood 19th October


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