Saturday, 22 October 2016

Attracting Marvels

In case anyone hasn't had a Merveille du Jour yet this year, here is my method of attracting them, above.  They seem to come when the lamp has the widest 'view' possible.

Moths continue good here, with Large Wainscot, lots of Black Rustics, Blair's Shoulder-knot and Barred Sallow also in the trap last night. Friday morning saw Beaded Chestnut as well, plenty of Autumnals of one sort or another and both forms of the Green-brindled Crescent. For me, the standard green one gives the MduJ a run for its money.  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. Maybe others have had different experiences but I find that Merveille du Jour enters the trap only very occasionally. With the actinic light it usually ends up sitting at the top of the bulbs immediately under the rain-shield, while with the MV it tends to end up on the grass a few metres away from the light. Makes me wonder if your very interesting trapping location might be a problem - I can see them disappearing into all that foliage!

  2. Hi Dave - that's very interesting. I've had a mixture so far; some in the eggboxes, some on the cowl (including one of the visitors to my high-level contraption). I'm afraid that I didn't persevere into the depths of the hedge, but will do so next time I try this. Much enjoying the Westcott bulletins, as always. What a well-favoured (and expert-inhabited) spot!


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