Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Autumnal Stuff

Running three lights in Philipshill Wood (Chorleywood, Bucks) on Sunday night, I managed six moths total. Two 125 mvs along a ride brought one individual and the other five were to a 20 w actinic which was well covered by trees, including firs. Each moth was a different species. The singleton pleased me: A Merveille du Jour in good condition:
From under the firs came a slightly funny-looking Spruce Carpet:
The others were Snout, Satellite, Common Marbled Carpet and Square-spot Rustic, all in immaculate condition except the Snout.
Andy King.


  1. Hi Andy, I'm ready to be shot down in flames, but are you sure your Carpet is Common Marbled? I know they are highly variable, but I don't think I have ever seen one with a central band like your moth. It looks more like a Spruce Carpet, but a strange looking one with the central band not joined up - I've never seen a Spruce Carpet that looks like this either, but it seems very close.

    1. Hello Adam. Start smouldering! There's a sentence between the 2 photos, saying "funny-looking Spruce Carpet".
      As you say, Common Marbled Carpets look like all sorts of things, but not like that. The CMC that did arrive was pretty much bog standard, with the large orange patches. I didn't bother photographing it. BTW I double-checked the Spruce Carpet's antennae - it was a male and not a Grey Pine Carpet.
      All the best, Andy.

    2. Doh! Teach me not to read the post properly.
      Cheers, Adam


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