Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Burial Park Leaf Mines

I picked up a few leaf mines from the Burial Park this morning; tried looking at the Leafmines website, but I would appreciate some confirmation or assistance. I stuck the leaves in my flatbed scanner for the pics although I can try again with a camera when there's a bit more light around if they're not good enough...

1) On birch, is this Stigmella continuella?
2) On hornbeam; is this Phyllonorycter esperella?

3) This I'm not sure about (birch again)...

4) Another Hornbeam feeder I can't get:

5) One on hazel (shows equally well on both sides of the leaf):

6) Thinking this on blackthorn is Phyllonorycter spinicolella?
 7) On sallow...
8) And a final birch feeder which looks a bit like Phyllonorycter cavella?...

Dave Morris, Seer Green


  1. Hi Dave, here's my offering:

    1. Not sure that's a mine (better picture might help).
    2. I think you are correct with P.esperella.
    3. Not a mine, just grazing.
    4. If you mean the corridor rather than the blotch, it might be
    Stigmella microtheriella (better picture might help).
    5. Could be Stigmella floslactella (better picture might help).
    6. Could be P.spinicolella but could equally be one of the two
    Parornix spp which feed on blackthorn - I prefer to see the
    larva to be sure.
    7. More grazing.
    8. Not P.cavella which is quite a large mine (check the number
    of creases too). Probably P.ulmifoliella.

    With the corridor mines you need to be able to see the contents clearly (frass pattern and larva if it is present) so a much brighter picture with the light source behind the leaf is essential.

  2. Thanx Dave!
    Some of the leaves have dried up a bit now, but I'll try and get some better pics if I can; I think my wife has a lightbox somewhere... I can't see frass or larvae in the corridor mines; they all seem to have gone a bit brown (which is as described in some cases in uk leafmines...).

  3. Hi Dave, on your scanner do you have a facility to scan transparencies? Those old things before digital cameras. I use that on mine for leaf mines.


  4. Not sure; I'll have to look... Thanx for the tip!


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