Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Is this also Pine carpet? - Longwick 4/10

Not a great deal to report here recently - one or two Diamond Backs is about all that is at all noticeable. Sadly the Tobacco Plants nod quietly in the breeze undisturbed by Hawk Moths!

Of more interest was the attached this morning which looks like Pine Carpet also? if so it would be the second to be seen here. Longwick has a few pines scattered around peoples gardens which I have assumed were the source rather  than a wanderer from the chiltern ridge.

I have added a different photo now it has settled down and think Adam may be correct! Ironically Grey Pine is a garden first!


  1. I think that is Grey Pine Carpet. The large indentation on the upper edge of the central bar would be much deeper in Pine Carpet.

  2. Colouration is right for Pine Carpet, but as Adam says the indentation in the central is not convincing for Pine Carpet. It would be good to have the genitalia checked if you still have it.

  3. Sadly no - I let it go later in the afternoon.

    It was the colour that led me towards pine but as you say the patterns weren't right when I looked in detail. Possibly the rust colour obscured the markings - who knows!


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