Saturday, 1 April 2017

March goes out with a bang

I had a very good night (by my standards, and for the season) in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire on 30th March, with 27 individuals of 13 species, one of them a lifer; the garden list for the year stands at 20, which is no great shakes, but compares pretty well with the four accumulated by the end of March 2016 (a month in which I didn't bother putting out the trap at all).

The lifer was my first ever Shoulder Stripe, albeit looking a little faded; it was also good to have the garden's second ever Streamer, and Powdered Quaker, which is by no means annual here. It's also nice to see some good old favourites, like Brindled Beauty and Early Grey, turning up in respectable numbers.

Powdered Quaker, 30/3/17

Shoulder Stripe, 30/3/17

Streamer, 30/3/17
Steve Goddard


  1. Nice selection! Brindled Beauty is one that I don't get every year - still hoping for 2017...

  2. Thanks, Dave! They seem to be having a bumper year hereabouts -- eight in and around the trap last night, which wasn't especially warm: like almost everything else, they're earlier than last year (although that again will be down to the fact that I'm bothering to put the trap out, which in last year's temperatures, I pretty much never did until mid April).


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