Thursday, 20 April 2017

Pugs again

Apologies for asking about pugs again. I had 4 pugs in last night's catch. I could manage to identify one of them confidently as a V pug. These were the other 3.

The first 2 maybe Brindled or Oak-tree? I am finding it difficult to separate the two.
The third maybe Double-striped? If so much more colourful than those caught previously this year.

Andy Newbold, Sibford Ferris, Oxon.


  1. Hello Andy, I would say Oak-tree, Common and Double-striped in that order.

    Oak-tree has quite a fat discal spot which touches the inner adjacent cross-line and there's usually a whitish area on the outer side of it. Brindled has a thinner discal spot which is clear of the cross-lines either side of it. They're easier to separate early in their flight season if you see them side-by-side (...when there aren't other pugs around to confuse the issue!) because Brindled is generally larger and more often than not sits with its wings slightly drawn back (as in your Double-striped image) whereas Oak-tree is smaller and usually sits with its wings held further forward. Not diagnostic but may help!

    Common Pug is just starting to fly now (I had my first last night too) and has only a tiny discal spot if it is present at all.

    1. Thank you once again for your informative reply. I think I will have a check through any photos l took earlier in the season.


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