Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Coffee is served, again...

The title refers back to Dave Wilton's post of 24th August. when a Mocha visited the Westcott moth mecca. Last night I also trapped my very first Mocha for the garden. Not in pristine condition, but still recognisable.

There were also 2 Old Lady moths in the trap, but otherwise the catch was nothing special - Large Yellow Underwings are outnumbering everything else.
I did have this tortrix below, fw measuring 6mm. I thought it might be Lobesia abscisana?

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. Isn't that Endothenia marginana Steve?

  2. Definitely an Endothenia, Steve. Unfortunately the wing size you quote fits all three of those which can be confused (gentianaeana, oblongana & marginana). I don't think your example is gentianaeana but it could be either of the other two so would ideally need dissection to be sure. Marginana is certainly the most likely.

    Congratulations on your Mocha - it is always nice to get a Nationally Scarce moth in your garden!

  3. Many thanks Peter and Dave. I can see now that the micro is an Endothenia - probably marginana, but I'll hang on to it for checking.
    Yes, I'm pleased to have joined the Mocha club.


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