Monday, 14 August 2017

Couple of Longwick Queries

Having returned from a holiday to Norfolk it was interesting to see a subtle change in the traps with more second brood examples of commoner species appearing. A couple of queries are pictured here. Firstly a 6mm length micro ( a gelechid?) and the next a Plume which seems pretty common this weekend.

Whilst away I happened to check the Norfolk Butterfly Conservation website and went along to a moth trap opening morning at Home NOA. Well worth looking out for such events as I got to meet a few enthusiasts and see a different set of moths such as Shore Wainscot, Twin Spot Wainscot and Platytes Alpinella. What was interesting was that both Oak Processionary and Sharp Angled Peacock were seen there too. Apparently the next moth which is experiencing a big increase is L-Album Wainscot as a whole range of species apparently establish themselves in London and then move north along the milder coasts of Essex and Suffolk more quickly than progress inland?

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  1. The top one is probably Blastobasis adustella, a top view would confirm this. The plume is Emmelina monodactyla.


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