Sunday, 27 August 2017

IDs please

I had a bumper number of visitors on the patio on Friday night, but sadly I haven't been able to ID most of them myself. The only ones that I was confident about were a Brimstone and a Carpet Moth. I'd appreciate help with these others. The first one was the biggest by far.



  1. Going from top to bottom:
    Old Lady
    One of the grass moths (Crambids), but can't say for sure from the picture. A side view might help.
    Double-striped Pug
    Pleuroptya ruralis (Mother of Pearl)
    Probably a rather worn Lesser Broad-bordered yellow Underwing.
    Do yo have a picture of the Carpet moth?
    Double-striped Pug

    1. Martin Townsend has corrected my "probable Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing" to Square-spot Rustic. As many of you will know this is a very variable species. The six I had in my Maidenhead trap the night before were very different with large bright (almost creamy) orbicular and reniform stigmata.

  2. Thanks Martin.
    I've added the Garden Carpet photo below the other ones. Am I correct?


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