Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Last night I identified 2 Snouts, 4 Square Spot Rustics (thanks Martin!) and I think these 2 are a Lesser Yellow Underwing and a Bright Wave. Please can someone let me know if I have got either of them right / what they actually are.


  1. Make that 5 Square-spot Rustics and a Yellow Shell.

  2. When looking up pictures on the internet you also need to check the distribution and flight periods. Bright Wave is very rare and confined to a limited number of coastal locations in the South. Not likely to be in Bucks.
    All the various "yellow underwings" are distinctly marked with yellow and black on the hindwings.

  3. It was wishful thinking that I'd found something unusual!

  4. Even better don't bother with the internet buy a book that shows them to scale


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