Sunday, 13 August 2017

Rustic or Vine's

Have been changing my mind a lot over whether these are Rustics or Vine's. Could someone please tell me what these two examples are. Thanks.
Steve Lockey (Garsington)


  1. Vine's Rustic second gen. Plenty out now. Haven't seen Rustic for a while though a few scruffy Uncertain still kicking about. BW, Marc

  2. Thanks Marc,the more I looked the more confused I got,although that was my first guess. I know you can look at under wings but if you've got a dozen that's a long job. I want to make sure I can tell 99% by becoming familiar with them. No Uncertain for a while (as far as I'm aware!)

  3. In my experience Uncertain comes out after first gen of Vines Rustic and then Rustic a little later. Rustic then usually finishes before Uncertain which hangs around quite a long time while the first fresh individuals of Vines Rustic second gen start to appear. Vines are always neat and much more pallid grey and most out at the moment are fairly fresh while Uncertain is scruffy, brown and those still out at moment are looking a bit worse for wear. That said, since my last comment i caught Rustic and it didn't look that worn. Also books say can get small second brood of Uncertain appearing in September onwards. Second gen Vine's is i good numbers in my garden so far this year. Second most numerous moth after Large Yellow Underwing. Square-spot Rustic's still yet to turn up in anything other than the odd individual!


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