Saturday, 19 August 2017

Slow-down... (plus New Forest queries)

I'm hoping for some good catches in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire, in what seems to be a promised heatwave in the next few days, but over recent weeks, things have slowed down considerably. Catches have been OK, but not especially numerous; they have included a few interesting or spectacular species, including several Red Underwings, a couple of Dark Sword-grasses (by no means an annual species here) and several occurences of Nephopterix angustella, which has only previously occurred once, in 2015.

Presumed Nephopterix angustella, 9/8/17
Micros haven't been that numerous, though the one below, approximately 7-8mm long, has me baffled so far - and suggestions would be gratefully received.

Unknown micro, 12/8/17
And with apologies for going out-of-region: my wife and I managed a brief visit to the New Forest in late July, and I managed to use a highly portable safari trap (which I also took to Corfu earlier this summer) to catch a few local specialities - notably (for me) Oak Hook-tip and Rosy Footman, plus the two individuals below: the micro is either a Crambus pascuella or a Crambus silvella, the latter apparently being very much a New Forest and east Dorset speciality; and the macro looks to me like a Beautiful Brocade, which would be a new species to me. Again, any confirmations or other suggestions would be very welcome.

Crambus pascuella or silvella, Brockenhurst, New Forest, 1/8/17

Possible Beautiful Brocade, Brockenhurst, New Forest, 31/7/17
Steve Goddard (with apologies for the photos: having a little trouble with my camera...)


  1. Hi Steve, you're correct with N. angustella, the unknown is Scythropia crataegella. I'll leave the New Forest ones to someone who has experience of them.

  2. Thanks, Nigel -- the S.crataegella is yet another case of 'why didn't I see that?'.


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