Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Tree-lichen Beauty

I had this Tree-lichen Beauty last night (21st) in my Milton Keynes garden to 30w twin Actinic. First time I've seen this species, i was wondering if it is resident around here or would it be a migrant? Seems to be pretty rare this far north.

Also of interest was this fresh looking Heart and Dart,
Darren Seaman,
Milton Keynes.


  1. The first Bucks Tree-lichen Beauty was in 2008 in the S.E. at Chorleywood. Then in 2012 it was again at Chorleywood and a couple of other places. Since then it has been slowly spreading, but the majority of the 82 records are in the South. Milton Keynes is the most Northerly record to date, but not a surprise.

  2. Tree-lichen Beauty is now a regular here in Chorleywood - 15 in July and 11 so far in August this year

    Richard Ellis


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