Tuesday, 9 February 2016

2015 records -follow up

These are my photos of the Beauty and Marbled Green from 10th July and 6th August 2015 respectively as mentioned in my post yesterday. Once these are sorted and the weather improves (hopefully) I can concentrate on 2016.

Andy Newbold. Sibford Ferris. Oxfordshire.


  1. Hi Andy, the first two show Mottled Beauty which would be expected in any garden locally. Satin Beauty is generally a much darker moth and the images in the field guide are perhaps a bit misleading - have a look at the pictures on UK-Moths for something more representative. The other is indeed Marbled Green - a nice record!

  2. Yes, as Dave alludes to, the Satin Beauty is rather sooty in appearance. Your images are very much typical Mottled Beauty. Very envious of the Marbled Green.

  3. Two other things about Satin Beauty: if you look at the middle image on UK-Moths (which, although taken in Scotland, to me looks typical of those I see in Bucks), notice the male's substantial antennae as well as its resting posture. More often than not they rest in a triangular shape with the fore-wings almost covering the hind-wings, which you won't normally see with Willow Beauty or Mottled Beauty.

    1. Thank you for these comments. Having looked at the images on the UK moths website I had come to the same conclusion about the Beauty and I will amend my records accordingly.


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