Saturday, 13 February 2016

First moth in my trap since OCTOBER!

Looks to me like a Chestnut but I'm sorely out or practice and I've not caught one in my garden before so grateful of confirmation - or otherwise!


  1. Hello Tom, yes to Chestnut. Good that you've got started for the year! I realise that Benson is well-known as a cold spot but there are certainly moths out there, especially for the first hour or two after dark, even on nights when a frost is forecast. The minimum here at Westcott last night was about 2C and my "actinic-run-inside-the-conservatory-and-see-what-comes-to-the-windows" light had produced five moths by 9pm (Pale Brindled Beauty, Dotted Border, Early Moth, Clouded Drab & Chestnut).

  2. Thanks Dave. My trap is under the car port so very limited being surrounded by garage, house and with a barely transparent plastic roof so not too surprised at the paucity of catches.


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