Monday, 28 July 2014

A few longer shots

As usual from the last few nights in Wolvercote (like various others, we haven't been able to resist putting the trap out every night), a few species we haven't been able to place to any degree - any help with them would be much appreciated. The first may be Acleris aspersana, the second a notably small pug (forewing about 8mm); then there are a couple of unknown micros, and a possible Elachista species. All help much appreciated. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Possible Acleris aspersana, 26/7/14 
Small mystery pug, 26/7/14

Unknown micro, 24/7/14

Possible Elachista, 27/7/14

Unknown micro, 27/7/14


  1. Being lazy, so I'll comment on the last one - looks like a Leek moth, Acrolepiopsis assectella. There didn't used to be too many records of these, but not sure on its status now.

  2. Hi Steve, the third one looks like it might be Bryotropha affinis, the fourth is Bucculatrix nigricomella.

  3. Many thanks, both: the Bucculatrix is definitely new to us.

  4. Hi Steve, I too had a small mystery pug the other day which looked very much like yours and someone suggested Slender Pug for that.

  5. Unfortunately the pug is too worn to be identified safely without dissection so any ID offered is going to be nothing more than a guess. Of the smaller pugs, Slender and Maple in particular are similar, common and are flying now.


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