Thursday, 31 July 2014

A thorny question

As well as Dusky Thorns in my garden trap this week, I also had the 2 individuals below. I believe the first is an August Thorn (quite orange in colour and the wings held at a shallow angle), while the second is a September Thorn (paler in colour and the wings held at a steeper angle). Confirmation would be very helpful.

In addition, I would be grateful for help with the moth below. The forewing measures 17mm, and I thought perhaps Dusky Brocade?

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. Hello Steve, your Thorns are correct. The third moth I would find quite difficult to decide between Nutmeg and Dusky Brocade based on that picture. Your moth looks fresh, which would fit with second-brood Nutmeg, and I haven't seen Dusky Brocade for a few weeks now. However, the eyes should clinch it - have a look at them with a 10x hand lens or similar and you should be able to see whether or not they are hairy (hairs = Nutmeg, no hairs = Dusky Brocade).

  2. Let us know what you find Steve. Failing the eye test, you can always pop it over for the operating theatre.

  3. Many thanks for the expert advice. I wasn't entirely happy with my id of Dusky Brocade, and having looked at the moth again I think Nutmeg is a much better fit. I am pretty sure the eyes are hairy, although I do need to invest in a much better hand lens. Thanks also for confirming the Thorns.


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