Thursday, 17 July 2014

And more micros

Again, a mixture of ones we think we might know and others which evade us entirely. 12th July seems to have been especially productive of difficult species: the first might be an Agriphila selasella (but equally looks rather like quite a few other crambid species); the second is a possible candidate for Spilonota ocellana and the third for Teleiopsis diffinis (but only very tentatively); the fourth and fifth we're not at all sure about! All help gratefully received. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Possible Agriphila selasella, 12/7/14

Possible Spilonota ocellana, 12/7/14

Possible Teleiopsis diffinis, 12/7/14

Unknown micro, 12/7/14

Unknown micro, 12/7/14


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