Friday, 18 July 2014

Catching Up

I realise that it's been three weeks since my last posting. This is largely because I've allowed myself to get rather behind with my moth records. In an effort to catch up before I get hopelessly out of date I thought that I'd at least get everything up to date up until the end of last week, that way I'm only a week behind. I won't bore people with the full list of all my new year ticks since I last reported but below are the most interesting ones, chiefly because they were all new for my garden (not that that is saying much given that my lifetime garden total is still under 300).

23/06/2014    Barred Yellow
23/06/2014    Treble Brown Spot
23/06/2014    Small Fan-foot
24/06/2014    Common Emerald
03/07/2014    Hypsopygia glaucinalis
03/07/2014    Gypsonoma dealbana
11/07/2014    Bucculatrix Thoracella
13/07/2014    Gold Triangle
13/07/2014    Aethes rubigana

Naturally I've got some ID queries to offer but I've whittled them down to just two keep them manageable. Sadly these are the only photos that I've got so they're not very helpful. The second one might be a Holly Tortrix, as it rather looks like it's notched on the Termen. Any help would as always be much appreciated.


  1. The first one looks like Blastodacna hellerella

  2. I agree, and the second one is indeed Rhopobota naevana.


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