Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Catching Up

With steely discipline I resisted the temptation to put out the trap last night and instead this morning have been catching up on my backlog. Three nights ago was in fact a new catch record for me with 84 moths (which is good for my modest garden) with highlights being Small Waved Umber and a presumed Acleris cristana (see below). On the ID front I've got a couple of Wormwood/Currant Pugs that I'd appreciate some help with as well as a rather interesting plain looking Pug.

Wormwood/Currant Pug 1
Wormwood/Currant Pug2
presumed Acleris cristana
A rather plain looking Pug


  1. Hi Adam,

    Funny you should say plain looking Pug because both that one and the second Wormwood Pug query look like Plain Pug to me, which I have also had for the first time this year in the garden and seems to be doing well locally. I think the top pug is wormwood but wouldn't ever say I was 100% sure. BW, Marc

  2. Hi Marc, thanks for that, having looked it up on UK Moths I see what you mean - it does look like a match. I feel the Townsend & Waring illustration doesn't really give a proper sense of it.

  3. The wiggly white line that runs along the edge makes them Plain
    Pug as Marc suggests.

  4. Just to add, it's probably too late (or if a second brood, then too early) for Currant Pug, but just the right time for Wormwood Pug.


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