Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Cookham update and Common Rustics

I had my 125w MV trap out in the garden Saturday night (National Moth Night) and caught 298 moths, comprising around 81 species (I am still going through the micros). That is quite a big haul for my small garden. Most numerous were Common Footman, Riband Wave and Dark Arches. New moths for me were White Satin Moth, Brown-tail, Dusky Sallow, Sycamore, Double Lobed and Olive. Here is my Double Lobed (not as pristine as Dave's Westcott specimen from 26th June).

And here is the Olive.

Finally, I think the 3 moths below are all Common Rustic agg. but I would be grateful for confirmation.

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. Hi Steve, indeed those three are all Common/Lesser Common Rustic.

  2. I agree with your Common Rustic aggs, assuming they were all the correct size for Common Rustic. It is the very dark, with a bright white reniform stigma that are the best bets for Lesser Common Rustic and of course need retaining for genitalia examination.

  3. Thanks Dave and Martin. Apologies for not giving the size - fw 15mm.


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