Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Enarmonia formosana

There was no great improvement in last night's garden haul at Westcott, Bucks (34 macro and 20 micro species) but Spilonota ocellana, Crambus pascuellaEuzophera pinguis and Small Scallop were new for the year list.  I got Enarmonia formosana (the 'Cherry Bark Moth') for the second night running and this example was in pristine condition so it was subjected to a photo-shoot - it is a fantastic-looking little moth when fresh.  Two examples of Myelois circumvoluta (the large 'Thistle Ermine') also turned up, making three so far this year of a moth that I normally get only a singleton of if I'm lucky.  Dave Wilton

Enarmonia formosana, Westcott 8th July

Myelois circumvoluta, Westcott 8th July

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