Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Flaming June

As mentioned earlier, here's a brief overview of June in Wolvercote, Oxon: it's been a good month, with the total of individuals in the trap topping 200 on four occasions: the most prolific catch being on the 22nd, when 247 individuals of 70 species showed up.

Possibly the two most notable individuals of the month were both new to the garden: a Metalampra italica on the 21st, and a Toadflax Brocade on the 26th: both of them (the micro especially) quite recent additions to the British list, and expanding their range. We've also had good catches of hawkmoths (Poplar by a long way the most common, but Elephant and Eyed also showing up quite often; Lime, Privet or Pine would be nice...), and of course Heart and Dart, Uncertain and Celypha lacunana have been numerous. The pattern of species being rather earlier than in previous years (and in some cases, earlier than field guides would suggest) has continued, with for example our first Mother of Pearl (Pleuroptya ruralis) being found on the 27th, as opposed to 15th July last year.

Perhaps the most spectacular species of the month were our first Beautiful Golden Y on the 8th, and a Lilac Beauty on the 18th, though in some ways it's invidious to pick out a 'favourite'. Anyway - it's been pleasantly busy, and we hope for more from July. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Beautiful Golden Y, 8/6/14

Lilac Beauty, 18/6/14

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