Wednesday, 23 July 2014


My Robinson trap has enough Footmen of various sorts every morning at the moment to staff Blenheim Palace and Waddesdon several times over, but this one today looked different. Am I right in thinking that he is a male Four-spotted Footman? I was also struck by the way this Gold Spot (I think, rather than a Lempke's GS) was sleeping, or at least completely comatose, with its forelegs dangling free. Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. You do have a Four-spotted Footman. A migrant and rarely makes it to our area.
    If there is any possibility of a gold spot being potentially Lempke's Gold Spot the specimen needs be retained for closer inspection.

  2. Hi Martin, I feel this is a case where the illustration of the moth in the field guide "could do better" ... Four-spotted Footman has those very obvious black legs and antennae. A very nice catch!

  3. Thanks so much both. I never like criticising the truly amazing illustrations but I agree on this one (judging by online images on UK Moths end similar). The yellow 'head' and the darker wash towards the end of the wings are also more clearly defined in 'real' than in the picture. All best, M

  4. It is a Gold Spot rather than Lempke's. This is where you should all have Skinner alongside Mr T's newer effort, it shows the differences very clearly on page 184.


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