Sunday, 27 July 2014

Five identifications

I found 10 of the first species in the trap this morning, but they all left me flummoxed, as have the other four sp below.  Ideas gratefully received.  Nearly 60 other species this morning!

Barnaby Briggs
2 sorry about the photo...




  1. Hi - it would be good to know where you trapped these. They are Tree-lichen Beauty ( a moth I've yet to trap), Agonopterix alstromeriana, Riband Wave, Lathronympha strigana and Eudonia mercurella

  2. Hi Barnaby, I agree with Adam for all of these. Please remember to add your name at the end of each post for reasons explained under the 'guidelines' tab (I've done it for you this time), as well as mentioning where you are located.

  3. Many thanks for the identifications - much appreciated. I was surprised by the Tree-Lichen Beauties, as there were 10 of them!

    Thanks also for the Riband Wave as I was stuck on that one too.

    Barnaby Briggs, Iver, Bucks

  4. While ten is certainly a notable number, Tree-lichen Beauty seems to be reasonably well established in the south-east corner of Bucks and is spreading out from there, so I'm sure it won't take too long to reach Adam's garden in Marlow!

  5. Hi Barnaby,

    I live in Harrow which as the moth flies, is not a great distance from Iver. I have been getting double figures of Tree-Lichen Beauties recently. I tend to find them on the wall by the trap rather than in the trap though, the same goes for Marbled Beauty - have you had any of them?

  6. No Marbled Beauties this year, no. One last year was the first in the four years I have been trapping in Iver. I will just have to keep trying!



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