Monday, 7 July 2014

I.D. help needed, please!

A couple of micros i'm not sure of here, trapped last night in Chilterns woodland, also a possible Slender brindle - quite a dark specimen. Any help with identification would be gratefully received. Dave Maunder

Possible Slender Brindle


  1. Good morning Mr Maunder. Remember to take side shots of micros too. Your micro(s) is Epinotia brunnichana and yes it is a nice fresh Slender Brindle.

  2. I get lots of brunnichana from my bit of Chiltern woodland and they are quite variable, though the black blotches are a fairly regular feature until they start to rub off with wear.

  3. Thanks for your help, Pete, and your comment Adam- first time I'd come across this species.


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