Monday, 28 July 2014

Trap Envy

I've very envious of Steve and Xander's 400+ catch at Wolvercote over the weekend. A mile or so south of there here in central Oxford things have been rather quiet with only four New for Year moths achieved, namely Shaded Broad-bar, Broad-barred Yellow Underwing, Acrobasis advenella and Euzophera pinguis. I do have a couple of queries which could well also be year ticks if they prove to be what I think they are.

The first I'm thinking is Bryotropha domestica and the second I'm thinking is Parornix scoticella judging by its white palps and tuft.

Adam Hartley

Bryotropha domestica?
under-exposed Parornix scoticella?...
...and over-exposed Parornix scoticella?

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  1. I'm not sure you will get anyone on this blog to id a Parornix from a photo. Generally they get chopped


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