Thursday, 17 July 2014

Micros to the fore

A few more from Wolvercote, Oxon: some we're entirely unsure about, others tentatively identified. The first looks a little like, but pretty definitely isn't a Telechrysis tripuncta; the second is one species or another of oegoconia: can it be IDed from the photo? I suspect the third is a rather faded Udea ferrugalis, and the fourth could be a Pexicopia malvella; the fifth we couldn't place at all! All suggestions or corrections very welcome. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Unknown micro, 5/7/14

Presumed oegoconia sp., 5/7/14

Possible Udea ferrugalis, 6/7/14

Possible Pexicopia malvella, 6/7/14

Unknown micro, 15/7/14

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  1. Hopefully you will look back and pick up this comment. The last one is Phtheochroa inopiana


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