Tuesday, 29 July 2014


These two large pugs came to the house lights (Loosley Row, Bucks) on the 19th July. I keep going back to them but cannot come to a satisfactory ID. I don't think they're Freyer's as the discal spot is normally touching or very close to the fascia beyond it in that species, whereas here there is a noticable space between the two.

Best guess at the moment is Pimpinel . . .



  1. Hi Peter, I don't think it's a Plain Pug as, in all the references I've looked at, the postmedian fascia on that species doesn't 'curve round' the discal spot and meet the costa at an angle as in these specimens. I've now gone back to my initial thought of Campanula Pug. It's a good match to the illustration in WTL and also one of the images on Hants Moths.

    I've also found this site where Roy Leverton's first image looks good as well:


    I'm presuming that as RL has allowed use of his images this site is trustworthy. Does anyone know anything about it as I've only just come across it.

  2. Hi Nigel,

    Never seen it before either but just had a look and it seems to be my friend and ex-colleague Ross Newham who also looks at this site, so hello Ross if you're reading this.

    What do you mean by trustworthy? It seems to be a resource for people to comemnt on the pics if they feel they need to be corrected etc so there may well be some pics that aren't the species suggested, for example under Juniper Pug there appears to be a worn Mottled Pug, but I think that's the point. BW, Marc

  3. Hi Marc, by 'trustworthy' I meant that are all the species illustrated correctly ID'd. As I said previously, if RL has allowed use of his images then those ones must be correct, but when coming across a potentially new source of reference I do like to know I can rely on it. If it works out it will be a brilliant addition.


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