Saturday, 12 July 2014

Small Black Arches

There was a very low turn-out to a single Robinson MV run for three hours in Bernwood Forest, Bucks last night (32 macro species and only slightly more than that number of micros).  Thankfully they did include singletons of Plain Wave and the nationally scarce Small Black Arches, which were my targets for the evening, although neither specimen was in tip-top condition.  The only macro-moths seen in any numbers were Drinker (8), Black Arches (24) and Mere Wainscot (7), while Phtheochroa inopiana (3) was the only micro of any significance.  Dave Wilton

Plain Wave, Bernwood Forest 11th July

Small Black Arches, Bernwood Forest 11th July

Phtheochroa inopiana, Bernwood Forest 11th July

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  1. Nice to see the Plain wave - not one i've come across before.


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