Saturday, 19 July 2014

Thursday night

During the dry part of Thursday night Martin Albertini, Andy King and I ran traps on Stoke Common, Bucks.  Even though it was hot and humid there wasn't a huge number of moths around but a few nice species did turn up, including Cochylis roseana, Diaphania perspectalis, Chevron, Jersey Tiger, Kent Black Arches and Rosy Minor.  Amongst the expected residents, Aristotelia ericinella, Pempelia genistella, Birch Mocha, Narrow-winged Pug, True Lover's Knot and Beautiful Yellow Underwing were seen in some numbers.  Although the thunder and lightning had been providing us with entertainment for some time beforehand, the rain held off until about 2am by which time we'd packed up, but it made for quite an interesting journey home!

The trap back at Westcott, Bucks pulled in more than 100 species but only two were new for the garden year list.  They were the intriguing-looking micro Stathmopoda pedella (a moth I'd never seen before) and Waved Black.  Dave Wilton 

Cochylis roseana, Stoke Common 17th July

Jersey Tiger, Stoke Common 17th July

Stathmopoda pedella, Westcott 17th July


  1. Nice to see Jersey tiger still in Bucks, Dave - would love one of these in Aylesbury - maybe one day!

  2. I'm sure they'll make it to your garden quite soon! Bucks records are now into double figures although most have been from the south of the county so far. However, one was seen and photographed in Bernwood Forest last year.


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