Thursday, 17 July 2014

Valerian Pug?

This came to the house lights last night and after looking at everything I can refer to I keep coming back to Valerian Pug, it does match the description in WTL rather well.

Comments welcome!

Edit: I've added another image below which gives a truer idea of colour as I used flash for one with the ruler which has distorted it.


  1. I think that is certainly a candidate for Valerian Pug, Nigel, as it does seem to have the wavy outer cross-line ending in a spot, as well as the spot on the hind-wing. It would need the services of the "Chopper in Chief" to be sure, though, so I'd suggest you send it off to Peter Hall. There are only about half a dozen Bucks records so if correct it would be a welcome addition to the database (and the first record from a garden!).

  2. Thanks Marc and Dave.

    Marc: I did originally think it was a Satyr but ruled this out in the end. On Satyr the discal spot is quite prominent on all of the references I've looked at and the veins on the wings are chequered. On Valerian the discal spot isv ery small or absent and the wing veins are plain.

    Dave: It's flown!


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